18 Tips To Help Lengthening Your Cat’s Life

For a certified cat parent like you, lengthening your cat’s life is always a fulfilling quest worth-doing every single hour. We wish nothing but the best for our cats. Surely, we devote our sincerest times on our goals to establish tight bond with our kitties and to increase cat lifespan to mention a few. Upon […]

Polydactyl Cats: Felines With Extra Toes

It may be new to see cats with unbelievably enormous feet or extra toes. Quite strange, but you have to believe it. There are hundreds and thousands of that in the world. A cat blocks away from your house can be one of them, too. Those felines with extra toes are called polydactyl cats, born […]

Cat Breeds 101: Maine Coon

Here’s more to legends and myths, a Maine Coon cat is a sure living, beautiful fluff ball everyone is dying to have. Origin: The existence of Maine Coons has somewhat defied legends for their angelic beauty – and incredible size for a cat. Maine Coon cats are noted to be one of the largest domestic […]

Tips on How to Discipline Misbehaving Cats

Is your cat misbehaving around the house lately? This can actually never be avoided and a lot stressful. Once these mischiefs started taking place in your home like cat not eating, scratching or clawing furniture, biting, pooping anywhere, chewing, running away, these all brought those unwanted headaches to us cat owners. Mischief among cats is […]

How to Get Over a Passing Adult Cat?

Losing your adult cat is probably the most devastating moment you’ll ever experience as a cat owner – and the hardest thing to move on from. It’s like losing a piece of you, making a permanent hole in your once whole heart. You feel the house empty, the tiny voices dissolved, and each day – […]

How To Get Finicky Cats To Eat?

Cats can have all sorts of odd behavior sticking around them. They can be stern and quiet this day, but playful and cuddly the next day. With their notable behavior, cats can also be a lot stubborn. And for cat owners out there, your cat acting picky over her food is never a new scenario. […]

Cat Stage Diets and How It Improve Their Health

Our dear kitties, like us, would also go through different cat stage diets so taking a close watch on proper feeding as they age is really, really important when it comes to cat care. We all want our cats to be healthy even from the very beginning of their lives as kittens until they grow into […]

Why Cats Eat Grass?

You may be feeling quite strange as you spotted your cat trailing down the line of greens outside your house and then start plucking and chewing some blades of grass into her mouth. Enjoying more than the cat food she had earlier, she’d probably done this on more than just one occasion. So why do you […]

Moving New Home With Cats

Moving to a new home or relocation can be quite daunting for our cats since they’ve already got to build strong bonds among the environment they’re used to. Cats are very territorial which makes it hard both for you and your cats to move to a new place – where all things are unmarked by […]

Cat Breeds 101: The Tonkinese Cat

If you think cats are naughty and have this devil-may-care attitude, well think of a Tonkinese cat as an exception. Physical: Being a crossbreed between Siamese and Burmese, Tonkinese cats resemble a creamy, elegant beauty – no doubt it can also be a nominee for the most expensive cat breed in the world. These sweet, […]