Cat Stage Diets and How It Improve Their Health

Our dear kitties, like us, would also go through different cat stage diets so taking a close watch on proper feeding as they age is really, really important when it comes to cat care.

We all want our cats to be healthy even from the very beginning of their lives as kittens until they grow into full grown adults – and a wholesome, nutritional diet and selection of appropriate cat food is on the very top of our job as our cats’ foster parents.

Cat Stage Diets

The nutritional needs of our kitties vary in every life stage, so as they age, you may have to make few adjustments and changes on the kind of pet food you are feeding them. For instance, kittens may need more protein and minerals to promote rapid growth while adults may need less-calorie food to avoid obesity and maintain proper body function.

Cat Stage Diets and Its 10 Benefits

There are actually different kinds of cat diet for every stage, and to know the proper food you should be feeding to your cats, you really have to consider their age and their body condition. The good thing about following the appropriate cat life-stage feeding is that it can unfold a raft of benefits for your cats:

Kitten Stage (birth to 12 months)

At this stage, your kittens need a diet that is rich with calories and protein. Basically, feed your kittens with a cat food that is packed with high amount of protein, minerals, fats, and energy so they can grow fast and healthy with less health complications. Building up a strong, healthy bone and teeth is also one important factor, so include food with high levels of calcium and phosphorus in their daily nutritional needs.

The kittenhood is the crucial stage of cat’s health since that is where everything starts to develop – from their bones, muscles, and over-all body growth. So making a good start from the foundation of their health is the key for them to:

  1. grow much healthier and faster
  2. build strong bones and teeth
  3. and develop strong immune system for the coming years.

Adult Stage (1 to 6 years)

During this stage, it is advised to go on with your nutritional balanced diet among your cats to maintain their good health and weight – and to avoid health problems as much as possible. Being a full grown adult doesn’t mean your cat is entirely safe from health complications so maintaining proper cat feeding is still a must. And that is where a high-protein diet comes in.

Moving on to a high-protein diet for your adult cats means more “real meat” as an inclusion in the food you feed them. Food with real meat with a perfect blend of fruits and vegetables can give high levels of protein and antioxidants that can:

  1. make your adult cat stay in good shape
  2. avoid obesity as they grow
  3. mitigate worries against health problems and complications
  4. and help keep up a healthy body function and strong immune system.

Senior Stage (7+ years)

Our cats become a bit slow when they reach their senior stage and this requires a serious watch on the kind of food they eat. Just like kittens, aging cats still need a lot of calories. Yet, aging cats may have difficulties in the absorption of minerals, vitamins, and fats so a wholesome diet with high-digestible ingredients is perfect. And this kind of diet includes a sufficient amount of quality meat for continuous protein supply and antioxidants from vegetables and fruits.

A right choice of food for senior cats can even unfold a lot possibilities for you and your kitty like an extended cat life span since these senior-perfect cat foods can actually:

  1. help maintain health, weight, and energy
  2. boost immune system and support healthy aging
  3. and help maintain a good body condition.

To make your cats live long and healthy, it must all start from you. As a cat owner, you have to make a strict selection of cat food and make keen observation about their age for a proper cat life stage feeding. A balanced diet comprised of wholesome ingredients with a perfect blend of calcium, protein, vitamins, and minerals is one big part – and it matters most on your cat’s life – for a longer and much healthier time to spend to with your feline confidants.