Cat Breeds 101: The Tonkinese Cat

If you think cats are naughty and have this devil-may-care attitude, well think of a Tonkinese cat as an exception.
Tonkinese Cat


Being a crossbreed between Siamese and Burmese, Tonkinese cats resemble a creamy, elegant beauty – no doubt it can also be a nominee for the most expensive cat breed in the world. These sweet, slim angels usually have creamy coat color with a “mink” pattern matched with almond-shaped blue eyes (sometimes also come in yellow to yellow green eye shades). Their tails and legs are slim that are just proportionate to their body and they also have soft, oval pink paws. This breed got a blunted muzzle and have slightly wedge-shaped, gently rounded head with broad ears. They look quite like Siamese if you saw one, but unlike Siamese, Tonkinese cats can come in 12 colors actually.


If you’re looking for more than a just a lap cat, but a terrific player as well, then Tonkinese is the best one for you. Tonkinese cats are hyperactive ones and delighted on playing with anything around them. And hide-and-seek is their favorite! They are vocal which means you may know right away if they need something, they’ll sing it to you. Being intelligent and people-oriented, these feline makes them ideal when having visitors around the house. Tonkinese cats also got unconceivable curiosity which leads them to touch and knock over anything they see around the house – including your precious teacup! They are also extremely fond of climbing posts and scratching, but a Tonkinese cat can also be content and serene when you just let it sit on your lap.


Tonkinese cats don’t have much recorded serious health problems or issues. But since they are mixed breeds, they still can’t avoid any problem concerning their health that comes along with their genetic nature – which means health problems may be inherited from the descended breed. There are existing cases saying Tonkinese cats are prone to periodontal diseases like gingivitis which entails a proper caring and conduct of dental hygiene to avoid dental problems and boost their health.


Tonkinese Cat Chocolate Mink
Taking care of a Tonkinese cat is very easy but you may have to take some regular precautions to keep it away from health issues as much as possible. It is best advised to have weekly brushing to remove shedding coat but bathing can be occasionally done. Since they are prone to dental problems, brushing their teeth daily is important – though a weekly conduct of dental hygiene might still be considered. Also, don’t forget to wipe their eyes with a soft cloth and check their ears at a regular basis. These cats are also meticulous when it comes to bathroom hygiene, so better keep the litter box always clean.

Family Friendly?

Sure, there’s no denying it. Tonkinese is more than just a family cat, it’s your best companion that would never make you feel alone in your couch, sofa, bed, and where else do you hang out with your cat? These cats are notable for being so friendly, yet they’re super playful and can go extremely wild – it may be advisable to secure all fragile things in safe places.


A Tonkinese cat is a sure prize if you have one. And since it’s a treasure worth-keeping for, you better have to love it and provide it with all the things it wants from feeding, bathing, and to having its regular check up to the vet. Tonkinese is a purely indoor cat, and needs supervision when it stayed outdoors. Just like other felines, this cat is also prone to car accidents and can possibly be attacked by other predators. Also, you don’t want envious neighbors to steal this beautiful cat from you right? Yet, whether you have a Tonkinese, or just an ordinary lap cat, what matters most is you shower it with the sincere love and constant attention it deserves. Certain things are to be followed when you plan for a cat adoption, it’s a sweet responsibility that’s just worth your attention – which gives you a more rewarding sense.